Cesim SimBrand

Marketing Management Simulation

Cesim SimBrand develops the understanding and command of the whole marketing decision-making process.

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The marketing simulation game consists of eight customer segments in two market areas and a maximum of six different smartphone products that can be offered to the markets simultaneously. In order to encourage unique strategy creation and execution, participants start their companies fresh without any operations history.

Participants are provided with a decision making tool that helps them to try and practice with different scenarios as well as analyze the outcomes of their decisions and projections. In addition, the simulation generates a range of reports that will help the teams to analyze and benchmark their own performance against their competitors.

Participant tasks:

A significant part of the decision making challenge is to actively manage the product portfolio by matching both qualitative and quantitative features of products with the selected target segments’ preferences. Moreover, pricing, promotion and channel selection need to be set based on the segments’ preferences. In addition, teams manage the after sales and research and development decisions.

Key learning areas:

The marketing game simulation covers marketing topics including product life cycle management, segmentation, positioning, distribution channel investments, advertising budget allocation, after sales services, pricing, sales forecasting, marketing research, competitor analysis, research and development, and profitability.

Key success factors:

The essence of Cesim SimBrand simulation is to mirror a fast developing smartphone market that is driven by short product life cycles and innovation; where constant attention to core competences, timely product development, segmentation, positioning, and marketing communications are the keys to success.

Expected outcome:

As an outcome of the marketing strategy simulation game, participants will fully comprehend the different parts of the marketing decision making process, their relationship with each other, and their impact on the company’s overall results. In addition, participants will gain invaluable experience in teamwork and problem solving.

Available languages:

English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


Aalto University, ESSEC, EPSCI Bachelor in Business Administration (ESSEC Business School), Pôle ESG, Leeds University, Coventry University, Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE), IMD, University of Illinois, University of Durham

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