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Generative AI is now seamlessly integrated into our time-tested range of simulations. It brings educators powerful tools to provide relevant experiential learning with personalized experience for the students.

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Leverage generative AI in simulation-based classrooms

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Cesim AI target

Align the simulation game
with learning objectives

Tailor educational simulation games to directly support and reinforce the specific learning goals outlined in the curriculum.


Cesim AI conversation

Generate meaningful
class discussions

Analyze course content and student interactions to suggest relevant discussion topics that deepen understanding and engagement in the classroom.


Cesim AI graph

Analyze and digest
simulation results

Systematically evaluate the outcomes of educational simulations, providing educators with clear insights into what students learned and areas needing further exploration.


Cesim AI team

Pinpoint team strategies and
their relative success/failure

Assess the effectiveness of different team-based strategies used within educational settings, identifying which approaches succeeded or failed and why.


Cesim AI feedback

Provide feedback and guidance
on student performance

Offer personalized and timely feedback to students based on their academic performance, helping educators to guide each student more effectively.


Cesim AI new instructor

Onboard new instructors
more efficiently

Streamline the onboarding process for new instructors by quickly bringing them up to speed on teaching methodologies, tools, and the specific educational environment they will be working in.



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Subtitles available (CC)

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