Where to meet us in person? Cesim's upcoming workshops and conference attendances to provide high quality business simulations training to educators.


Cesim Instructor WorkshopCesim Instructor Workshop

Cesim Instructor workshop aims to create more effective learning experience for students and share simulation teaching experiences among educators of different countries and institutions.




WorkshopsBusiness Simulation Workshop

What better way to connect with fellow educators and get a firm grounding in using business strategy games than taking part in intensive on-site business simulation training workshops? We organize these events periodically to provide a way for professors and trainers to advance in their professional developments by acquiring a well rounded knowledge in how to use business simulator games in higher educational courses or corporate training programs.





We love to connect with educators around the world in person, so check out the events we are going to this year and come by our desk if you are an attendee. Looking forward to meeting you and talking business simulation games.






PeakTime competition


Cesim business simulations are used in two large business student competitions annually: Peak Time and Rush Hour. Find out when the next event is and how to sign up!