How Business Simulations Benefit Higher Education

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Benefits for the Institution

High Schools, Polytechnics, and Universities are increasingly pressured to prove that their school curriculum is improving overall student knowledge retention rate and employability. We at Cesim are dedicated to help you to do just that.

We believe that "for successful learning experiences, students need to experience a variety of instructional methods and that direct instruction needs to be accompanied by methods that further student understanding and recognize why what they are learning is useful" (Lalley and Miller, 2007)

Business strategy games belong to the realm of 'active learning', which entails all forms of learning where the participant is behaviorally and cognitively active. It complements theoretical education by providing a dynamic, reactive, risk free learning environment for students to engage in.

Cesim business simulation games can be easily integrated into any international business and strategy, marketing, small service business, hospitality, and bank module at undergraduate, graduate and even MBA levels.

Incorporating Business Games into your school curriculum will:

  • Improve the employability of students
  • Improve cooperation between institutions (even across borders)
  • Improve student-faculty interaction
  • Improve student-student interaction
  • Improve academic achievements (i.e. higher grades)
  • Create a more enjoyable school curriculum
  • Help in making the school offering more versatile
Benefits for the Educator

It has never been more challenging to be an educator than now. The rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology is drastically changing the way students consume information, and it is imperative that you keep up with them, or risk being left behind. The modern student is increasingly looking for ways to be engaged both outside and inside the classroom, and combining that with their natural aptitude for the digital environment, makes teaching them a difficult endeavor at times

We want to give you the right tools to succeed in the classroom of the future, and help you become a next generation educator with our intuitive, risk free, online business games.

Using Business Simulator Games in Your Course Will:

  • Give you the ability to better illustrate theoretical business concepts
  • Increase student engagement and enjoyment
  • Improve student knowledge retention, decision making and teamwork skills
  • Allow you to run all of your simulation based courses online in any format (classroom, blended, online)
  • Give you a powerful tool to test the hands on skills and strategic thinking of students.
What Our Customers Say:
  • "Beyond the professionalizing aspect of the simulation, we observe very interesting individual and collective learning among our students in our program’s multicultural environment" - Audencia
  • "Today we are approaching a true learning platform where teachers, with a few clicks, can create their simulation with a customized scenario, attach working documents, monitor the work of students and promote interactivity of the participants by moderating forums." - ESCE
  • "Our students really enjoy CESIM simulations, because beyond the examples that they learn in their courses, and even beyond the case studies that they work on, it actually gives them the opportunity to practice strategy." - IESEG
Benefits for the Students

Whether you are a first year undergraduate student or an MBA, Cesim business simulations can help you put the concepts you have learned so far to work. If you are doing a research for your school on business simulation games, get in touch with us to help you succeed.

Simulation learning outcomes:

  • Advertising skills
  • Basic financial skills
  • Economic concepts
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Forecasting
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group behavior skills
  • Goal setting
  • Report preparation
  • Teamwork skills
  • Overall employability

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