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Cesim Global Challenge improves the learners' understanding and capabilities of running global business operations of a firm in a dynamic, competitive environment. The simulation also incorporates ESG principles.

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Strategic management, international business, business policy, ESG. 

Used in:

Strategy, international business, and capstone courses at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. Executive MBA programs and in-house corporate trainings.

Case scenario:

Participants manage a global technology company through technological and market evolution. They operate in three global regions with different customer preferences, growth rates, currencies, taxes, tariffs, and regulations. Instructor has the option to include a range of fully integrated environmental, social, and governance decisions and results to the case.

ESG module:

The simulation now includes new environmental,
social and governance decisions as part of the
core business strategy. With fully integrated ESG
decisions, teams can incorporate sustainable
development goals into their strategy while improving
financial performance and delivering value for all

A key aspect of the ESG implementation in the
simulation is to highlight sustainability and corporate
responsibility decisions as fundamental part of the
strategy and operations, not as a separate policy.

Participant tasks:

Learners plan and implement global demand-supply strategy for three markets and two production areas. Decisions include marketing and product life-cycle management, R&D, in-house and contract manufacturing, logistics, CO2, energy, and water efficiency, labor policies and other social and governance decisions, international taxation, liquidity and capital structure management.

Key learning areas:

Technology-based product road maps and global market and production strategies. A range of concepts from various management-related disciplines: economic, political, financial, human resources, accounting, procurement, production, logistics, research and innovation, and marketing. ESG related strategic and tactical considerations with short- and long-term outcomes and metrics. 

Key success factors:

Simulation generates a range of operational and financial reports. If the ESG module is enabled the participants get a detailed sustainability report that includes data about the teams' performance on environmental, social, and governance dimensions. Teams can be compared by both shareholder value and ESG metrics.

Expected outcome:

Better understanding of the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic competitive environment. Comprehension of each of the management-related disciplines and the financial implications of the strategic and operational decisions. Hands-on experience about responsible management decisions with multiple stakeholders and environmental considerations. Invaluable experiences in teamwork and problem solving.


Cesim Global Challenge offers powerful user-level customizability and modularity options that allow it to be adjusted for different target groups and experience levels. In addition, the system permits the instructors to create and modify their own cases with personalized market outlooks and storyline.

Available languages:

English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.


London Business School, IESE, Fudan University, Aalto University School of Economics, Renmin University, Leeds University, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Audencia School of Management, ESB Reutlingen, Hochschule Fulda.

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