Cesim Solutions for Corporate Organizations

Our solutions enable employees to understand what drives the profitability of a firm and help to develop a shared mindset of the elements contributing to competitive advantage. Working closely with peers, participants learn to apply their experiences from the simulated business environment to real life scenarios.

Cesim solutions for corporate clients allow participants to practice strategy implementation using key financial measures and customer insight in a risk-free environment. By seeing the consequences of their day-to-day decision making in a simulation, participants develop their analytical mindset and accountability while learning how to increase operational efficiency. Companies can achieve results more effectively by aligning employees with the strategic objectives of the business.

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Job Focus

Cesim Solution Focus

Executives &
Senior Managers
Create & Grow
✓ Business & Portfolio Product Management
✓ Profit & Loss Management
Middle Managers
Project Managers
Account Managers
Fast Trackers
Future Leaders
Provide Insight & Ideas
Develop, Implement &
Operate Business Strategy
✓ Correct "input-output" thinking (ROI)
✓ Realistic Forecasting of Revenue & Cost
✓ Effective Allocation of Monetary & Human Resources
✓ Identification of Strategies & Action Plans
✓ Pricing Decisions
✓ Product & Customer Profitability
✓ Key Figures & Financial Statements
✓ Corporate Perspective in all decisions
Assistant Managers
Understand the business
& its drivers
✓ Basic Business Strategy, Financial Concepts
✓ Financial results of the company & how those are composed,
including how to read financial statements
✓ Non-financial Business Drivers
1. What Cesim offers
  • Industry Specific Simulation
  • Train-the-trainer Program
  • Several Delivery Methods (in class training, web enabled, self-study modules)
  • Learning Tools
  • Technical Support
2. What participants learn
  • What Drives Profitability
  • What Elements Contribute to P&L
  • Market Driven Decision Making
  • Key Financial Measures
  • Cross-functional Teamwork
  • Own Contribution to Success
3. How the company benefits
  • Better Business Skills across the Organization
  • More Effective Use of Capital
  • More Effective Use of Human Resources

Industry Specific Simulations

Cesim Business Simulation Games are built on a powerful software-as-a-service platform so you can run all of your simulation based trainings from one easy-to-use central interface. Because we know that you would rather concentrate on delivering results than learning a new tool, we've made sure that our business simulator games are quick to setup, intuitive, and run straight from your browser. Whether you have managers and employees to train in the hospitality, telecommunication, electric utilities, banking, retail, real estate management or public broadcasting industries, we have a solution for you.

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Services for Corporations

It is extremely important to us that you have the most seamless experience using our business games as possible, which is why we have created a range of services to accompany our products. Our initial consultation and training are always included in your unlimited trial account, but we don't stop there! Read on to learn how else we can help you excel.

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Benefits for Corporate Organizations

Organizations often struggle with effectively educating their managers and employees about the main drivers of the business and how their work contributes to the overall growth of the company. Cesim helps you train your employees to make those vital connections between financial key indicators and the organization's bottom line performance. Read on to find out what other benefits can your company get from using our business strategy games in its training programs!

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