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Cesim portfolio

This video introduces the entire Cesim simulations portfolio as well as the administration platform and its capabilities.

Cesim Global Challenge

This international business and strategy simulation game is perfect for management and strategy courses at any level.

Cesim Service

Our small business simulation game is an invaluable tool in teaching SME, entrepreneurship and service business courses at any level.

Cesim Project

Team-based, interactive project management simulation that allows participants to experience the dynamics of managing a project.

Cesim Firm

A general business management simulation game that integrates the functional areas of production, marketing, and logistics.

Cesim Marketing

Strategic marketing simulation game that can be used in marketing courses of any level.

Cesim Hospitality

Restaurant and hotel management simulation for hospitality education of any level.

Cesim Bank

Financial services, products management, and bank simulation for banking and finance education.

Cesim Connect

Telecom simulation game where teams manage mobile, broadband and entertainment services for residential customers and communications and IT services for corporate customers.

Cesim Retail

Retail management simulation integrating procurement and inventory, pricing, advertising, promotions, and other optional modules.

Cesim Instructor

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Sophisticated online administration interface where the instructors can set up, manage, and analyze their simulation based courses.

1. Getting started
2. Running the simulation
3. Analyzing the results

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