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Improve the Business Acumen, Teamwork and Decision Making Skills of Your Learners with Business Simulations

Cesim Business Simulations is a fully online active learning platform that helps 500+ institutions worldwide transform their business skills education.

The Cesim solution includes an international business and strategy simulation, a marketing simulation, a small service business simulation, a hospitality simulation, industry specific simulations, fully customized simulation games, as well as customer support. No installation or IT knowledge required.

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What our customers say

Bento Costa"The experience we had with Cesim simulations provided both learning and joy at the same time. We learnt because our students had theopportunity of dealing simultaneously with a group of basic variables which simulate daily business reality. The students were able to sense how marketing, human resources, operations and finance are combined to produce the results stakeholders expect."
- Mr. Bento Costa, Professor of Business (IBMEC)

Giles Forbes"Students were intrigued at the idea of running a virtual firm, and I was pleased with the way that SimBrand caught the students' imagination and kept them motivated and involved throughout the module. It got them thinking about marketing strategy in a practical and integrated manner."
- Mr. Giles Forbes, Marketing Course Leader (University of Huddersfield)

Madalena Abreu"I have been using Cesim simulations since 2008. The experience has been really excellent. The two simulations we have been using are quite user-friendly, supportive of our academic content, and provide the students with an exciting and real approach to understanding the markets."
- Prof. Madalena Abreu, Senior lecturer in Marketing and Business Economics