Industry Specific Simulations

When your course or training requires the setting of a particular industry.

We offer a range of comprehensive Business Strategy Simulation Games for higher educational institutions and corporations to provide both educators and trainers with a state-of-the-art online team environment, where participants can practice their business and decision-making skills.

Cesim Industry Specific Business Simulations empower participants to run their own virtual businesses. Just like in real life, the teams compete against each other in order to gain market share. The right decisions lead to success while the wrong ones to invaluable problem solving experiences. The learning process of your course or training is promised to be is efficient and fun.

Cesim Bank
Banking & Financial Services Management Simulation

Cesim Bank is a banking & financial services simulation that facilitates understanding of the front and back office operations of a bank, and their interaction in a competitive environment, and helps cultivate holistic and fact-based management culture, develop analytical skills, and create awareness about the current banking operating environment.

Cesim Power
Electric Utilities Management Simulation

Cesim Power is an energy company management simulation game that combines the dynamics of power markets, production, and risk management. It also includes decisions and policies regarding sustainable development.

Cesim Connect
Telecom Operator Management Simulation

Cesim Connect is a telecom simulation game where teams manage mobile, broadband and entertainment services for residential customers and communications and IT services for corporate customers. It also includes decisions regarding network infrastructure development and finance.

Cesim Retail
Retail Store Management Simulation

Cesim Retail is a highly versatile simulation that can be repurposed for Cesim Retail Store Managementdifferent target groups in the retail environment. It puts the participants in charge of a store or a franchise with multiple stores in a seasonal environment. The simulation includes strategic and tactical pricing decisions, promotional campaigns, procurement and inventory management, store layout, operating hours, staffing, and cash flow management.

Our business simulation portfolio

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