Unified admin tool to organize, engage & analyze your simulation-based courses

Be in full control of your simulation-based courses, and more: Cesim Instructor allows you to set up, manage, and assess all your courses using Cesim Business Simulation Games from one intuitive platform.

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Create, Organize & Manage Your Courses


Course Generator

Create your courses in a couple of simple steps through the in-built course generator, that allows you to choose everything from course language, through number of rounds, to course schedule (all of which is editable later on).

Schedule Editor

Because we know that your course schedules might be very different from one another, we have made our schedule editor an extremely flexible tool with which you can adjust the round lengths just the way you want it. You can have up to 12 rounds in one course, and you can replay, delete, terminate or add more rounds if needed.

Language Selection

Cesim Business Simulation Games come in a myriad of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Lithuanian. As the instructor of the course, you can choose which languages you would like to have available in the simulation for your students.

Messaging System

The team wide messaging system helps students keep in touch and organized when studying online and/or in separate spaces. The course wide messaging system on the other hand gives you the opportunity to communicate with all of your students in the course and provide general information and guidelines about the course.

Case Management

Are you a tinkerer? Then we have great news! With Cesim case management system, you can now step into the shoes of our developers and create your own tailor-made cases to best suit your needs. If the story of our default case doesn't fit your course, you can simply rewrite it in the case manager, and even adjust the parameters if you wish. And if you ever find yourself in need of any assistance, our support team is more than happy to help you make most of your new case.

Materials Management

Cesim simulation games come with a basic set of documents like the decision making guide and the case description. However if you feel like adding some additional materials to your course to enrich the experience you can do that with our materials manager. Upload documents, videos, and images, and assign them to the applicable courses.


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Entice, Educate & Have Fun With Your Students


Market Outlooks

Your students will base their decisions on these outlooks in the beginning of each round. Watch the story unfold during the simulation game and observe how your students react to changing market conditions.

Decision Area

Each business strategy game has a number of decision making areas that focus on various functional areas of a business such as demand, production, R&D, marketing, logistics, finance, customer care, inventories, HR and more.


You can fill in your own profile information under Settings in the Cesim Instructor, and the participants are also free to personalize their own and their team's profile, by adding a team name, slogan, description, and image.


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Track, Measure & Assess The Progress of Your Students



To give you an insight into the activity level of each participant, the Cesim Instructor keeps track of the time your students spend in the game, their date of registration, and the last time they have logged in.


You can easily follow the interim results of each business game participant such as share price at the end of round, cumulative total shareholder return, profit for the round, and ROE.

Group Decisions

In order to make inferences between decisions and results, you will have access to all of the decisions made by students as soon as they input them. This way you can always find out what did every team do in order to achieve their results.

Simulation Quiz

The knowledge assessment of participants is made easy with the simulation specific integrated quizzes, that can be freely assigned to courses at any point during the game.


One of the most important tools for assessing in-game progress and performance is the Results after each round, which provides all necessary metrics for understanding where do the teams stand in comparison with each other. These results include the company's income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, ratios and more.

Our business simulation portfolio

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