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Carimo Hassam Rassal sqr

The experience in teaching hospitality management with CESIM is totally different and transformative, whether at the undergraduate or master's level. In addition to its userfriendly, complete and immersive student interface with realistic cases and instant feedback between actions and decisions in a given scenario, it additionally allows the teacher to teach each student in a personalised way, regardless of class size.

Student feedback has been very positive, and performance and attendance levels have increased significantly since its implementation in the various public and private higher education institutions with whom I have collaborated over the years. The cherry on top of the cake is the quality of the technical support from the Cesim Team, tireless collaborators from the very first hour, ready to actively support you in enhancing your learning through this UNIQUE platform.

Carimo Hassam Rassal
Coordinator Professor Hospitality Management

ISEC Lisboa logo

Customer in Brief

Officially recognized in August 1991, ISEC Lisboa - Higher Institute of Education and Sciences, is defined as a private non-profit higher education and research establishment whose institutional mission is to provide scientific, technical, cultural, pedagogical, professional and human training. As an institution of public interest, ISEC aims for growth driven by the national needs as well as the objectives that it statutorily pursues, thus contributing to the qualified, integrated and harmonious development of higher education in Portugal.

This mission is mainly accomplished through a training project guided by high standards and inspired by ethical and humanist principles to prepare citizens of culture and competent professionals. The adequacy of a training project to quality professional performance depends largely on the integration of scientifically produced knowledge. This is why the learning experience marked by intellectual curiosity and the spirit of research represents, in our educational project, a strategy for integrating theoretical and practical knowledge, critical reflection and lifelong professional development.

Cesim Use

ISEC Lisboa has been a Cesim partner since January 2021, using the Cesim Hospitality simulator as a mandatory part of all Hospitality Management training programs. Cesim Hospitality Simulator runs for 12 weeks, complementing an immersive and realistic learning process in Hotel Management.

Elena Polydorou sqr

“At Neapolis University, the need to link theory with practice has always been given a lot of importance. One of the most important goals of the University is to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and experience so that they can cope as professionals with the demands and challenges of the market and the ever-changing business environment. Through the process of integrating the simulations in the learning process, the University managed to stimulate the interest of the students but also to achieve a high level of training, bringing them face to face with the modern demands of the market, thus gaining a competitive advantage. Students are excited about this innovative way of learning that motivates them to evolve. As a Teaching Assistant, supporting in Simulation Tools I would like to mention that my cooperation with the company is impeccable, both because of the high level of professionalism it has and the continuous support it provides me”

Elena Polydorou
Visiting Lecturer and Business Simulations Specialist

Neapolis University Pafos logo

Customer in Brief

Neapolis University Pafos (NUP) is one of the leading private universities in Cyprus, with students from all around the world. It is a vibrant academic institution focusing on high quality education and research that aims to provide top educational services to the Cypriot region and beyond.

Cesim Use

Neapolis University has started using Cesim Simulations during last year. After a year Neapolis University uses three Cesim Simulations. Banking Simulation at the MSc in Banking and Finance, Hospitality Management Simulation at the program MBA in Tourism and Marketing Simulation at the undergraduate program in Business Administration and also at the programs MBA, Distance MBA and in Digital Marketing.

Alistair Norman sqr

“Many of the students are in roles where they have not actually managed a project as a project manager – they may have been a part of the team or they may have oversight but this is a reminder of the everyday reality that a project manager has to deal with. It provides a little bit of social space where students can chat as they are working on the simulation and compare some of the issues which are raised with their realities at work. The simulation helps to provide a level of grounding into reality, it helps students who don’t have project management experience to focus on some of the realities and it provokes conversation. Conversation equals engagement, and engagement is good.”

Dr. Alistair Norman
Lecturer in Project Management

Leeds logo

Customer in Brief

Leeds University Business School is a business school in the University of Leeds. The school is accredited with the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. The CEO Magazine 2018 rankings places the Business School as a Tier One global business school for its Full-time MBA, 10th globally and 1st in the UK.
The University of Leeds is part of the Russell Group of leading UK universities, and among the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings 2019.

Cesim Use

Cesim Project is deployed in the Management of Projects module on the Executive MBA programme. The simulation is spread over three days with other module content delivered alongside. Each cohort typically consists of 20-25 students”


“London Business School needed a simulation that would be relatively easy to get to grips with but with very satisfying and 'realistic' levels of complexity and challenge; we were using it as part of the conclusion of our students' experience, to tie together aspects of their learning, so it needed to be suitable for 'advanced' students. Cesim Global Challenge fit the bill very well for our Executive MBA students who gave very positive feedback. Our faculty team felt good learning had been achieved and it was a major plus that we were able to administer it ourselves.”

Chris Coleridge
Lecturer in Strategy


Customer in Brief

London Business School (LBS) is an international business school and a constituent college of the federal University of London, located in central London, England, United Kingdom, beside Regent's Park. LBS teaches postgraduate programmes in finance and management, in addition to its flagship Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) programme. It also offers the Sloan Fellowship Programme for experienced business executives, a Masters in Finance (also known as MiF, a finance specialist programme), a Masters in Management for students with less than a year's work experience, a PhD, as well as non-masters programmes for business executives.

Cesim Use

Cesim Global Challenge was used in the closing stages of London Business School's EMBA programme to bring together the various business disciplines integral to formulating and implementing overall business strategy. The management simulation game was delivered to over 270 executives in two intensive two-day courses.

“Coventry University has been using Cesim SimBrand for a number of years. From an instructor's perspective, Simbrand is easy to set up and use, additionally the customizable nature of the software allows us to build our own unique scenarios. This has allowed us to keep up to date with industry trends and challenge students with exciting and new market conditions. Moreover, assessments can easily be built out of the simulator and easily embedded into the learning process, for example, group reports or presentations. The level of service Cesim provides is second to none, the response time to queries is excellent, and the training they provide is thorough. From a student experience perspective, students enjoy the unique approach to learning the simulator offers. Although initially challenging, students quickly pick up the workings of the simulation and begin to develop their strategic marketing skills. In addition to this, the students also develop wider skill sets such as communication and team work, invaluable in todays' competitive job market. Overall, I cannot recommend Cesim enough, and I look forward to continuing using their simulations and developing our relationship further.”

Edward Turner
Senior Lecturer

Coventry University logo


Customer in Brief

Coventry University offers a wider range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes these include MBAs offered in a variety of different subjects. Coventry University has also been accepted as a member of EFMD (European Foundation of Management Development), one of the prestigious association in the field of management, and continue to be an active participant of Association of UK Business Schools. Coventry University has international partnerships with universities in Finland, China, France, and Poland.

Cesim Use

Cesim Project is deployed in the Management of Projects module on the Executive MBA programme. The simulation is spread over three days with other module content delivered alongside. Each cohort typically consists of 20-25 students”


"In Grenoble, in northern French Alps, winter is coming. And “business game” sessions too. Students have started their programme a few weeks ago. They have already been introduced to several managerial topics. It’s now time to provide them a global vision of the company and to support them to understand how the different dimensions (Marketing, Innovation, HRM, Supply Chain, Taxes, Ethics etc.) interact together. To do this, we decided to use a game. We have chosen Cesim Global Challenge several years ago and we play it with our Msc Finance intakes in Grenoble, London and Singapore. These students have great skills, but we need to confront them to a “realistic” game. During four days, students experiment different roles and strategies. At the end, they reach a certain level of results. But most of all, they understand how each team member’s role can impact the global result of the company. During previous years, we used to play the game at the end of the programme, in order to “check” that students can organize their skills and knowledge in front of a global situation. This year (2015), we decided to do this at the beginning of the programme. Because it allows students to “fail early” (if they fail, and it is virtual there) and then to re-organize the way they learn and decide according to the roles they have played and situation that they have experimented."

Hélène Michel
Professor "Serious Games & Innovation" at Grenoble School of Management


Customer in Brief

Founded in 1984, Grenoble School of Management now has over 25,000 alumni throughout the world. Successively accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and the Association of MBAs, Grenoble ranks among the triple-crown schools (only 1% of the world’s management schools). As of 2015, Grenoble is the 6th ranked business school in France and its Master in Management (MIB programme) is among the best in the world according to the Financial Times. Its 6853 students, 36.5% of whom are international students of 133 different nationalities, can take classes in 2 French and 12 international campuses, in addition to benefiting from opportunities for exchanges and collaborations with 160 partner institutions worldwide.

Cesim Use

Grenoble has been a Cesim customer since 2010. Grenoble utilizes Cesim Global Challenge simulation with students in Grenoble, London and Singapore who study their Master in Finance. Cesim Global Challenge provides students with the opportunity to practice the tools and concepts of different business functions in their studies. In addition, Cesim SimPower is used in the Advanced Master’s in Energy Marketing and Management, whereas Cesim SimFirm is used in the Bachelor programs.


"At Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB), the need to link theory with practice has always been given a lot of importance. The students apart from working on a brief period during their course also work on live projects sponsored by different organizations to gain practical experience. However, the need was felt for an exercise where each student in the MBA program of XIMB gets the opportunity to synthesize management practices of an organization and dissect a Business Issue from a strategic lens. Cesim Global Challenge introduced at XIMB in 2013 helped the students to develop such a critical mindset."

Prof. Anshuman Tripathy
Strategy Group, Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB)


Customer in Brief

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB), established in 1987 in the temple city of India – Bhubaneswar by the Odisha Jesuit Society through a social contract with the Government of Odisha, is counted among the leading management institutions in the country. Since 1987, XIMB has grown up to establish and be a part of "Xavier University", the first Jesuit University of India. "Xavier University" is dedicated to research & teaching that meets the highest standards of excellence; to conducting research that breaks new ground; and to providing services and solutions that help individuals and the local, national, and global communities. Inspired by the Jesuit spirit of ‘Magis’, XIMB strives to be a premier institute which is globally recognized for management education, training, research, and consulting that helps to build a just and humane society. Over the years, the institute has been widely recognised for its excellence in imparting management education and offering an enriching array of programmes. The institute has also been awarded the South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) Accreditation by the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA).

Cesim Use

Students at XIMB started using Cesim Global Challenge in 2013.

Anssi Tarkiainen sqr

Associate professor Anssi Tarkiainen at Lappeenranta University of Technology has been using Cesim Global Challenge for 5 years in a capstone course for the internationally accredited (EPAS accreditation) Master’s in International Marketing Management program offered at the LUT School of Business and Management. Recently, LUT was ranked as the best young university in the Nordic countries by Times Higher Education 100 under 50 rankings.

The aim of the course “International Business Strategies” is to tie together vast theoretical business literature with practical applications, and Dr. Tarkiainen decided initially to experiment with using a business simulation software as the link between theory and practice. When asked about his experiences with using business simulation games as a learning tool, Anssi says:

“The goal of bringing together theory and practice by using business simulation games has been achieved wonderfully. By engaging students through the use of a game reflecting real world business operations, we have achieved in building a course which inspires and motivates students to go above and beyond what is required to achieve the general learning objectives.

In particular, the simulated business environment allows for students to partake in direct competition with their peers, typically causing noticeable rivalries between teams, which in turn pushes team members to come up with clever ways to succeed. We have seen impressive Excel-based forecasting, detailed competitor analyses, and all in all the game appears to nurture a deep analytical mindset in students which would otherwise not be addressed

LUT logo

Customer in Brief

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) is a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969.

Cesim Use

“On the background, the simulation provides me (as an educator) a motivating tool to use, which ensures there is always an element of change in the same course. It is extremely rewarding to observe and monitor the team work and dynamics of group work which occurs during the game: how strategies are formulated, what teams do when things go wrong, and indeed how teams are run on the whole.

Certainly, the simulations’ student engaging elements are great for unlocking the potential of different types of learners, and based on feedback the students also feel the practicality of the simulation enhance their learning. The greatest benefit, in my opinion, is that the game provides a complete cycle of the strategic process in business, from planning to executing and analyzing. Further, the simulated environment forces students to view the firm as a whole: marketing students have to implement their understanding of finance, finance students must gain understanding on production and logistics, and students of strategy must learn the impact of ground level sales strategies the impact of pricing. Everything effects everything, and that provides a platform rich with diverse learning opportunities."


"Our students really enjoy CESIM’s simulations, because beyond the examples that they learn in their courses, and even beyond the case studies that they work on, it actually gives them the opportunity to practice strategy. They are enthusiastic about managing their own company and competing with others. They like the online interface that is put at their disposal. They also enjoy the animation plan that we have designed with the help of CESIM’s people. Indeed, we have two class sessions to present the game and play the practice round. Then, each professor regularly meets each team of 4 to 6 students individually, in order to coach them and help them in understanding their results. Prior to these meetings, they have to deliver a 2-pages document where they defend their decision. And at the end of the simulation, they must write a report that is intended for their shareholders, and where they also have to add a specific part where they reflexively analyze the teams’ dynamics during the simulation. Thanks to the simulation and this animation plan, we have noted a more pragmatic assimilation and understanding of strategic management among our students"

Dr. Loïc Plé
Associate Professor in Management, Head of the New Educational Technologies division

IESEG logo

Customer in Brief

Created in Lille in 1964, and having a campus in Paris La Défense since 2008, IESEG School of Management is a member of the "Conférence des Grandes Écoles". It is the 8th ranked business school in France, and the 1st post-baccalaureate.

IESEG aims to train and prepare future executives and leaders in the corporate world both nationally and internationally, create actors of change in a professional environment that is constantly changing and improving.

International by nature, IESEG is the first French management school to offer all the courses of its Bachelor and Master programs in English. IESEG has a network of 150 partner universities in 43 countries. 80% of IESEG students take part in our student exchange program at these universities.

Cesim Use

IESEG has been using Cesim’s learning solutions since 2010. IESEG uses Cesim OnService with its students who are in the Master of Management program. IESEG also uses Cesim Global Challenge with its students who study in the Master of International Business (MIB) program. It enables them to have a practical perspective of strategy, by using the different tools and concepts learnt during their Strategic Management courses.

Eventually, IESEG relies on OnService in one of its programs in Executive Education. It is essentially used as the basis of a specific and highly-customized animation plan to improve the management and strategic skills of the participants.

Bento Costa sqr

"The experience we had with Cesim simulations provided both learning and joy at the same time. We learnt because our students had the opportunity of dealing simultaneously with a group of basic variables which simulate daily business reality. The students were able to sense how marketing, human resources, operations and finance are combined to produce the results stakeholders expect."

"Besides learning, the participants had a very good time because of the competition environment provided by the games. We recommend Cesim simulations.”

Mr. Bento Costa
Professor of Business from the Department of Business Administration


Customer in Brief

Ibmec is a Brazilian private university, widely regarded as one of the leading and most prestigious institutions specialized in teaching and research in the fields of Business and Economics in Latin America. It was founded in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro and since then, has expanded to two other campuses located in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

Ibmec's undergraduate and graduate programs in Business, Economics, Law and International Relations have been awarded the highest ranking in all the evaluations conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Ibmec's world class executive programs are on par with those offered by the best business schools in the world. Ibmec graduates stand among the most highly sought-after financial market professionals, business leaders and corporate entrepreneurs.


"We have suggested the use of Global Challenge to a variety of our university courses. We believe that it is an amazing teaching tool for students who wish to enter the world of business strategy.

The students were able to use the knowledge they had learned in class and implement it into the simulation game play. Working in teams, they were motivated and determined to understand the game complexities and overcome any challenges.

The students enjoyed playing Global Challenge, and we believe that this is a great tool to help train future managers."

Eli Borochovicius
Professor of Finance at PUC-Campinas

PUC Campinas logo

Customer in Brief

The Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC-Campinas) is a private, non-profit Catholic university, located in Campinas, the second largest city of the State of São Paulo. It is one of the largest and most prestigious Brazilian universities.

PUC-Campinas was founded in June 1941 as a college and became a full university in 1955. Pope Paul VI granted the university the title of Pontifical University in 1972.

The university has a staff of about 2500 persons and approximately 20,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. There are over 34 different undergraduate programs to choose from.

Cesim Use

PUC-Campinas has been a Cesim customer since 2010, using the Global Challenge Simulation.


"I have been using Cesim simulations since 2008. The experience has been really excellent. The two simulations we have been using are quite user-friendly, supportive of our academic content, and provide the students with an exciting and real approach to understanding the markets."

"The students are very motivated and like to play the simulations. Moreover, the support of the company is a case study of excellent service. The support received during the simulation was great, and the response time for inquiries was fast. I can highly recommend the use of these simulations."

Professor Madalena Abreu
Senior lecturer in Marketing and Business Economics


Customer in Brief

ISCAC is the Coimbra School of Accounting and Business Administration and is one of the six schools that form the IPC (Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra). ISCAC was created in 1972 and places a strong emphasis on using both theory and practice. ISCAC’s strategy is to take into account the various needs of students by offering courses during the day and night.

ISCAC offers bachelor, master´s and post-graduate courses as well as other life-long learning courses in the areas of Accounting and Company Taxation, SME Management, Banking and Insurance Management, Education and Health Organizations Management, Management Information Technologies and Systems.

Cesim Use

ISCAC has been a Cesim client since 2008. They use Cesim Global Challenge and Cesim Marketing in Business and Marketing related subjects both in bachelor and master programs.

Frederic Marimon sqr

"Cesim Global Challenge is an excellent tool for acquisition and consolidation of management skills for students with a high level of knowledge in management sciences. For several years, I have been watching the simulation encouraging students to compete in an environment which is very close to the real environment they will face when leaving the classroom."

"The students appreciate the fact that the game teaches them to work in teams and enables them to experience how the results depend on several factors, such as their own decisions, the reaction of competitors, circumstances of the market environment and even unpredictability, to a certain degree."

Dr. Frederic Marimon
Vice-rector for Research

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya logo

Customer in Brief

The International University of Catalunya (UIC), was founded in 1997, and offers undergraduate, Masters, postgraduate and doctoral courses as well as continuous education programmes.

UIC offers a highly personalised university education with a strong vocational element. The high level of personalised treatment is achieved by ensuring that there is no more than one group per course, a maximum of 80 students per lecture, and one university professor assigned to every eleven students. A high proportion (40%) of the teaching programme is set aside for practical-based classes. Most of the teachers have professional backgrounds and the university nurtures a very close relationship with business via its work experience programmes. The aim is to equip the students with all the knowledge, skills and talents demanded by the market, while also providing a solid training in the fundamental values of Christian Humanism.

The international character of the university is a basic feature and also a necessary one for students. 10% of UIC’s 4500 alumni are from overseas. Students study English courses which are personalised to meet their academic and professional requirements and there is an extensive international exchange programme.

Cesim Use

UIC has been a Cesim customer since 2008. UIC uses the Cesim Global Challenge as part of their Master in Companies Management and Production Systems programme. Global Challenge has been traditionally run for seven to eight weeks, complementing the learning process of the students, and working in parallel with other courses of the program.

Raluca Bunduchi sqr


"The simulation has been a great addition to my strategy course. It is an extraordinary teaching tool to get the students engaged and enthusiastic about strategy, and the student feedback has been fantastic."

"The interface is easy to use, the game is very engaging, and the support given by the Cesim team is tremendous."

Dr. Raluca Bunduchi
Lecturer in Management

Aberdeen logo

Customer in Brief

The University of Aberdeen Business School is an international leading provider of excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate education. They lie at the heart of an ancient Scottish research University and are located on the beautiful North-East coast of Scotland in the vibrant city of Aberdeen, one of the world’s leading centres in business and energy.

Their international faculty consists of over 40 research active members with world leading academic credentials and strong professional links with the business community. They have highly cited authors and editors of leading international journals and strong intellectual research centres.

Evidence of their world leading expertise and fast growth in intellectual terms is found in the Research Assessment Exercise results of 2008, a UK wide process which evaluates the quality of research. 100% of Economics research, 90% of Real Estate and 80% of research in Business and Management (including Accountancy and Finance) were judged to be of international quality.

Cesim Use

The University of Aberdeen Business School has collaborated with Cesim 2009, using the Global Challenge simulation game as a crucial part of the studies.

Giles Forbes sqr


"The course has British, European and international students so the international setting of SimBrand means that all can engage with the scenario without feeling that anyone has an advantage. The PDA product is also something which is accessible to all."

"I started the module with some team role and team building exercises. Each week, a new area of marketing was highlighted for students’ consideration, using the SimBrand environment and firm results to illustrate the point. Each team also had the opportunity for an exclusive “consultancy session” with me. Assessment included a group project in which each firm had to produce a brief for a print advertisement for one of their products and then to deliver a pitch for the advertisement; and an individual assignment of a review of their firm’s strategy."

"Students were intrigued at the idea of running a virtual firm, and I was pleased with the way that SimBrand caught the students’ imagination and kept them motivated and involved throughout the module. It got them thinking about marketing strategy in a practical and integrated manner. The competitive nature of Simbrand ensures that their decisions are carefully considered as no-one wants to fall behind."

"In my experience, students often complain about having to do team-based assignments but with SimBrand the feedback from the students was very positive. Almost every student listed team work as a valuable feature of the simulation, and practical application of theory and the competitive aspect were highly appreciated, too."

Mr. Giles Forbes
Marketing Course leader

University of Huddersfield logo transparent


Customer in brief

The University of Huddersfield offers high quality teaching with a strongly vocational emphasis. They are among the UK's top 10 providers of 'sandwich courses' where students undertake a paid work placement in industry or commerce, having led to an impressive record for graduate employment. Huddersfield also has a strong research profile and excellent grades for teaching quality.

Huddersfield’s students are based in seven academic Schools - 'Applied Sciences', 'Computing and Engineering', 'Art, Design and Architecture', 'The Business School', 'Education and Professional Development', 'Human and Health Sciences' and 'Music, Humanities and Media'. Huddersfield is an international university with students from over 130 countries worldwide. It has over 23,000 students and 1,900 staff

Cesim use

The Cesim Marketing simulation game has been a key part of the Integrated Marketing Practice module in the first year of the MSc Marketing programme at Huddersfield University since 2010.

István Eszes sqr

"After a thorough theoretical background it is needed to open the boundaries of the real world for the students, to offer a choice to experience how to manage a company in a continuously changing international environment. Cesim Global Challenge is an ideal tool for this purpose. We use it in our Master programme. The game is well structured; it is easy to understand the logic of the game. The students have to focus only on managing the business situations. We have received an excellent personal support from Cesim."

Dr. István Eszes, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

ESSCA logo

Customer in Brief

With 100 years of experience, ESSCA (Business School), offers management programs that students can register for immediately upon graduation from secondary school. The only post-secondary business school with international accreditation, ESSCA has been granted four “labels” of excellence: Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, a certified diploma, a Master status and EPAS certification. A "Grande Ecole" business school, ESSCA prepares its students through a five-year programme to become managers in marketing, finance and management in an international environment. The ESSCA has:

  • 2600 full-time and executive education students
  • 4 campuses in Angers, Paris, Budapest, Shanghai
  • More than 60 permanent professors
  • 400 assistant professors, lecturers and international experts
  • More than 120 partner universities worldwide
    10 000 past graduates.
Cesim Use

ESSCA Budapest uses Cesim Global Challenge in its Master and MBA in education programmes.

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