Student Business Simulation Competition

The road to Cesim Elite 2021 starts here!

Powered by Cesim business games, Cesim Elite is open to students from all over the world. Participating teams are selected during national qualifying rounds to join the international Cesim Elite Final taking place from June 1st to 6th 2021.

Student teams will have the chance to showcase their business skills and represent their institution in an online business game competition. Each team is in charge of managing their own virtual company and competes with other student teams. Participants will have to apply analytical and decision-making skills, and also demonstrate their ability to work as a team and to strict deadlines.

Who can participate?

To be eligible, participants must be enrolled in an undergraduate, or a graduate program in a university, business school or other higher education institution.

Register to your regional qualifying competition

Teams must consist of 3 to 5 participants and be registered for the competition by their institution. The maximum number of teams registered per institution might be limited in local qualifying competitions. Each institution must also designate a faculty member to support their team(s) during the competition. Faculty members are invited to attend a workshop taking place during the international Cesim Elite Final.

Untitled designRanking

During the Cesim Elite Final, the teams will be assessed and ranked by an independent jury. Assessment is based on performance in the business simulation, and also a group presentation testing each team's analytical and communication skills. The jury is composed of academics and industry professionals.

Teams will be separated into different streams, each stream represents the virtual market within which they will compete. A general ranking will be published to select the best teams across different streams. The winning criteria will depend on the case used for the competition. The case changes each year and is only revealed at the beginning of the tournament.

Copy of Copy of Untitled DesignPrizes

Participants in the international Cesim Elite Final can win cash prizes and other benefits.

Alongside the invitation to the Cesim Elite Final and the chance to win the grand prize, winners of the regional qualifying rounds may also win other prizes. Please consult your region's registration page, or your Cesim regional representative for more information.



National qualifying rounds are held every year around the world. The best national teams get access to the international Cesim Elite Final, where they will compete to win the grand prize.


Registration of participants by their institution
  • Teams of 3-5 students
  • At least 1 member of faculty
Elite Stage 1
National qualification rounds
  • One or more simulation rounds
  • On location or virtual
Elite Stage 2
Assesment and selection of the winners
  • Prizes
  • Qualification for Final
Elite Stage 3
Cesim Elite Grand Final
  • One or more simulation rounds
  • Team presentations
Elite Stage 4
Closing ceremony
  • Winners presentation
  • Workshop for supporting faculty
Elite Stage 5

Regional qualifying rounds

UK &

Dates: April 12th-16th

Registration closed

Meet the winners  


Dates: February 21st-28th

Registration closed

Meet the winners  


Dates: March 15th-28th

Registration closed

Découvrir les gagnants  

Latin America & Portuguese-speaking countries

Dates: April 19th-30th

Registration closed

Conozca a los ganadores  

Conheça os vencedores  


Dates: April 30th - May 22nd

Registration closed

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Competition is at the core of all our simulations and we believe that this tournament is an occasion for students to demonstrate their skills, network with like-minded people and live a unique experience that they will remember for a long time.