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Students Without Borders – A Week of International Cooperation and Competition

Posted by The Cesim Elite Team on 6/14/21 2:04 PM | Reading time: 7 min.

The Cesim Elite 2021 final wrapped up last Sunday after a rollercoaster of suspense, surprise, self-reflection, and ultimately tears of joy. An intense and intensive week competition saw 18 teams from 16 universities battle it out to become the inaugural world champions.

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Cesim Elite Final 2021 - Ready for the launch

Posted by The Cesim Elite Team on 5/31/21 5:19 PM | Reading time: 5 min.

With the international Cesim Elite final 2021 starting tomorrow, teams are already in the starting blocks!

Selected among 8000 students worldwide through local qualifying competitions, 18 teams from 16 institutions have qualified this year to participate in the Cesim Elite tournament's final.

This year, finalists from more than 12 nationalities are competing for the title of Cesim Elite world champion and win the grand prize.

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