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Cesim Elite 2023 - Get ready for a thrilling adventure!

Posted by Cesim Team on 12/16/22 4:03 PM | Reading time: 4 min.

This year, we're bringing together even more students from around the world to challenge each other and showcase their skills. Over 10 000 participants worldwide are ready to compete in the 2023 edition of Cesim Elite.

Past editions were filled with team spirit, creativity, and a passion for business management. Teams put in great dedication to manage their virtual companies and overcome challenges in the regional qualifying rounds and the International Final. Participants have also put in impressive efforts on their video presentations and other related tasks.
We want to continue inspiring students to develop a passion for business management. Get ready for even more intense competition between the best student teams worldwide!

Participating in Cesim Elite is a great opportunity to learn. Students have the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting and see how well they can manage a virtual company. They also have the opportunity to network and connect with fellow students.

As they progress in the competition, participants will face a variety of challenges that will test their ability to think on their feet and make smart decisions. Participants will need to carefully manage their virtual company's resources and make strategic choices that maximize their chance of success.

Of course, participants will be competing against other teams from their region in the qualifying round, and against the best teams from around the world in the International Final, so they will need to be at the top of their game to emerge victorious.

In addition to the competition itself, we also organize complementary events for instructors. A workshop will be held in collaboration with an experienced instructor, which will provide a wealth of information to fellow instructors on the use of Business Games.

This year again, we're bringing together people from all around the world to challenge each other and showcase their skills.

Champion of Cesim Elite-01-1We can't wait to see who will take home the trophy this year!

Team Unstoppable from the Beijing University of International Business and Economics brought the trophy home last June. Congratulations again!





Now is the time to form your student teams and join the competition!

Cesim's CEO, Veijo Kyösti personally invites you to join Cesim Elite:


We are looking forward to seeing what this year's participants can accomplish. We are confident that with passion, creativity, and determination, they will rise to the challenge and deliver impressive results.

Put your creative skills and business knowledge to the test in our competition. Registrations are open for hands-on experience in managing a business.

Check your regional qualifier's information on the Cesim Elite page:

Join Cesim Elite



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