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The Learning Equation - Business Simulation Games in Active Learning

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Thursday, December 15, 2011 | Reading time: 1 min.

Business simulation based active learningPassive learning is a thing of the past. Going forward, educators everywhere will need to understand and respond to the changing requirements of students, as well as governmental bodies that expect a significant improvement in the factor of employability upon graduation. Active-learning formats help educators achieve that, by providing a much more stimulating learning environment to students to compliment and practice their theoretical business knowledge.

As an educator, you must keep up with your students and engage them in an environment that they understand and are familiar with. Business simulation games are the kind of online learning tools that help students get actively involved in practical business decision making on a platform they can easily identify with.

The Learning Equation white paper

So what completes the learning equation?


Theory + Practice = Engagement


Excerpt from The Learning Equation white paper:
"The basic learning equation is key to student knowledge retention. First, educators bring their considerable theoretical knowledge to the classroom, knowledge acquired over years of research, experience, and teaching. Without this knowledge, students can't move to meaningful practice. Instead, they face a frustrating road of trial and error that may not always lead to results. Professors, as masters of their content area, have a wealth of knowledge to offer students. And students, as they gain content knowledge, bring their own experiences to bear on the subject matter adding to the overall knowledge of their peers and cohort."

Find out more about why active learning is the future of education:


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