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Puerto Rico university bridges Business Simulations & offline training

Posted by Cesim Team on Monday, July 03, 2017 | Reading time: 3 min.

We have previously explored how a Brazilian University brings Business Simulation Games to the next level. Yet, this is not the only instance in which educators using Cesim Simulations have found interesting ways of combining online and offline tranining. DBA Jose A. Flecha Ortiz, professor at the National University College in Puerto Rico, has combined online training using Cesim Global Challenge, our International Business and Strategy Simulation Game, with offline activities as part of the capstone course of his business students.

Free Download Cesim Global Challenge Guide BookTying theory and practice together

Business simulations are used by several educational institutions around the world as an effective tool to link theory and practice together. The case for the National University College is no different.

"Global Challenge has been a useful tool to validate the knowledge obtained by the students along their university studies in a fun way, helping them to acquire entrepreneural execution skills", explains the professor. who has been using our Business Simulation Game since 2015. "Cesim's Simulations give me the power to personalize the learning experience", continues Jose Flecha.

Making simulations tangible
Not being able to integrate a business simulation in a course is a common myth about those who approach these training tools for the first time. However, professor Flecha has found an interesting way of materializing the projects carried out by his students within the Cesim Global Challenge.

The Puerto Rican instructor assigns his students the task of developing a name, logo, web page, and an ad for the company each team is running within the simulation. The course concludes with a final presentation at a fair-like exhibition where the students build a stand for their company to receive an audience and a panel of judges who evaluate their project.

Capstone course final project - National University College of Puerto Rico

Continuous support
"I use simulations in my courses as part of the learning process," José Flecha says. "Without any doubt,
the experience with Cesim simulations is the most complete. The service that the company provides is the best since they asist my role as professor, solving my questions and those of my students quickly and efficiently," concludes the professor.

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