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Customer Success Story: Cesim Simulations at London Business School

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | Reading time: 3 min.

London Business SchoolLondon Business School (LBS) is an international business school and a constituent college of the federal University of London, located in central London, England, United Kingdom, beside Regent's Park. LBS teaches postgraduate programmes in finance and management, in addition to its flagship Master of Business Administration (MBA and EMBA) programme. It also offers the Sloan Fellowship Programme for experienced business executives, a Masters in Finance (also known as MiF, a finance specialist programme), a Masters in Management for students with less than a year's work experience, a PhD, as well as non-masters programmes for business executives.


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Cesim Global Challenge international business strategy game was used in the closing stages of London Business School's EMBA programme to bring together the various business disciplines integral to formulating and implementing overall business strategy. The simulation was delivered to over 270 executives in two intensive two-day courses.


Words From the Cesim Business Simulations Lecturer

Chris ColeridgeQuote from Chris Coleridge, Lecturer in Strategy:

"London Business School needed a simulation that would be relatively easy to get to grips with but with very satisfying and "realistic" levels of complexity and challenge; we were using it as part of the conclusion of our students' experience, to tie together aspects of their learning, so it needed to be suitable for 'advanced' students. Cesim Global Challenge fit the bill very well for our Executive MBA students who gave very positive feedback. Our faculty team felt good learning had been achieved and it was a major plus that we were able to administer it ourselves."


Words from the Participants

"The simulation makes you feel that the traditional idea of strategy as something fixed might no longer be valid in the current rapidly changing world and the dynamic view of strategy might be more appropriate. This simulation demonstrates that it is the participants in an industry who end up determining its attractiveness, not the industry in itself and it has the advantage that the rankings can change dramatically throughout the game keeping the participants sharp as they feel they can still end up as ultimate winners."Tom Motmans
Cesim Global Challenge International Management Simulation Webinar

"In depth simulation that allows any executive to rethink what strategy is really about."Benjamin Monin

"The Cesim simulation is an excellent platform that enables participants to understand the various considerations of strategy making and execution. A 'real-world' experience is created by requiring teams to manage complexity and make the difficult decisions faced by the C-suite every day."

"The Cesim simulation places you in a 'real-word' situation of managing a business. You are given the challenges that face the C-suite every day; whether to set a consistent strategy and maintain commitment to a course of actions, or to embrace an agile strategy that responds to internal factors and market forces."Rob Cooling


"With its subtle complexity and continually evolving scenarios, the simulation managed to create two tests, one to play the "right game" and one to play the "right competition".  It cleverly and innovatively taught that the "correct approach" to strategy is dictated as much by those you face and their rationality/irrationality as cold/hard decision making." - Adam Bryan (Senior Associate, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP)


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