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How Online Business Simulation Games Save You Time

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Friday, September 30, 2011 | Reading time: 2 min.

Save time with Cesim business simulationsThe autumn semester is usually a time of never ending tasks piled up on your desk, which might lead to a lot of stress and inhibition to adopting new technologies like online business simulation games. Because it is clear however that students crave engaging novel learning tools, it is important to find one that delivers a dynamic environment in an intuitive easily accessible format.

So how can you make sure that your classes remain interesting while utilizing a new learning platform that doesn't drain all your time? Here are 3 ways Cesim business simulation games save you valuable time that you can refocus on teaching your students tangible and applicable business skills.

Key features of Cesim business simulations:
✓ Intuitive user interface

✓ Realistic context - Designed for and used by business corporations   
✓ Completely web-based - No installation, works on any device
✓ Full support - No hassle
✓ Affordable - No fixed costs

1. Quick Setup

While there are still a lot of learning tools out there requiring you to install a program on your computer (often making that program tied to that particular computer), online simulation games are ready to run on any device with an internet connection.

Creating a course is no more difficult. Simply select the simulation you'd like to use in your course, define the course name and course code (the latter will be your course's unique code that students will use to join), and finally the schedule. If you already know the times allocated for your course, this entire process won't take longer than 5 minutes.


2. Tutorial Videos and HTML Manuals

Give a head start to your business simulation based courses by providing your students with the tutorial video links for the online business simulations they are going to play. This will help you familiarize them with the learning environment already before the class, in an intuitive 10-15 minute/video format.

Another excellent tool at your disposal is the HTML version of the Decision Making Guides. These can be accessed from under the 'Readings' tab in all Cesim's business games, and gives your students the possibility to read about the business strategy games' process in more detail as well as search for various keywords in the documents.


3. Results are Calculated Automatically

Are you swamped with exams and term papers to correct, let alone worry about business simulator games' deadlines?

Then this will be a relief. Not only are the results calculated in less than a second after the round deadline has ended, but it is a process that is entirely automated. What this means is that once your course schedule has been finalized, the only thing you need to monitor is the results as they are generated for you in a downloadble excel, slideshow and printable format.


Interested in finding out more benefits of business simulation games?

Read about the educational benefits of simulations for institutions, educators and students.


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