Cesim Business Simulation Games Comprehensive Assessment

The individual student assessment has been launched on the Cesim platform.

So what does this mean for your course? The comprehensive assessment includes Individual Student Results, Customizable Quizzes and Peer Reviews (recently added!). This will complement our existing team results and analyzer functionalities.

Assurance of Learning Requirements

Cesim Business Simulations Assurance of Learning

As the professor or dean of an educational institution, you are most likely aware of the increasing accreditation requirements like the ones below:

  • the school must develop a list of the learning goals for which it will demonstrate assurance of learning
  • the school must demonstrate what learning occurs for each of the learning goals the school identifies as appropriate for its programs
  • schools should be demonstrating a high degree of maturity in terms of delineation of clear learning goals, implementation of outcome assessment processes, and demonstrated use of assessment information to improve curricula
  • the school must justify how curricular contents and structure meet the needs of the mission of the school and the learning goals for each degree program

With the comprehensive assessment functionality on the Cesim platform, we aim to help you meet these criteria with your business simulator games courses.


Our Approach

By looking at your students' performance from a multitude of angles, we are giving you a truly holistic view of their progress during the simulations course. In addition to this, our philosophy is that by continuously assessing participants already during the course, you are able to come to the aid of students needing attention while their errors can still be corrected. The two enablers of this formative assessment are Individual Student Results and Customizable Quizzes. We have recently added the peer evaluation functionality to further improve your business strategy games assessment toolbox.



Quiz platform Individual results Peer-review
(newly added)
Use our simulation-specific quizzes or
create your own with the Quiz Builder. Once created, quizzes can easily be launched at any time during the course, which students can access from their simulation interface.
See the results of each students' decisions individually and compare them to one another. This tool will help you recognize problem areas early on, and allow you to gain deeper insight from students about which tasks they are struggling with and why. This new feature allows you to launch peer reviews directly from within the platform, and get each team members' opinion of their peers' performance during the course.


Benefits to Educational Institutions

  • Limits free riders
  • No student left behind
  • Team level assessment
  • Individual level assessment
  • Comparisons across different courses
  • Holistic approach to course evaluation
  • New tools to enhance the learning experience
  • Embedded assessment, no separate exercises
  • Qualified and school independent first party feedback
  • Assurance of learning data for accreditation purposes
  • Instructors better equipped for giving feedback

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