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Failing is good

Posted by Graeme Kirkup on Wednesday, June 06, 2018 | Reading time: 3 min.

Failing is goodWhat a statement! I do not like to fail and I wish that life could simply be life without failure and filled with success.

We can be so focused on not failing that we don’t aim for success, settling instead for a life of mediocrity and one without failure. But to have the pleasure of experiencing success, one has to be prepared to fail.

I have had many failures. And failure is never pleasant. I am left feeling dejected, my ego, my reputation, and on occasion even my bank balance have often all been damaged. These risks and the fear to fail are preventing me from future decisions that really matter. When it really matters to be bold and courageous, to stand out and be noticed, to make the decision where the outcome is unknown and uncertain, yet if the correct choice is taken, I know I will bask in the glory of success. This fear to fail, although protecting me, is my greatest Achilles’ heel.

However, the good thing to say about my failures is that I have not experienced the same failure a second time. In simple terms I have learnt from my failure and therefore not repeated the same mistake. Failure has forced me in a new direction, a new way of viewing a situation, a new way of thinking.

Failure in a RISK FREE Environment

Is it possible to eliminate the risks associated with failure?

Imagine an environment where this is possible; where one is actively encouraged to make decisions where the outcomes are unknown. An environment where there is no real risk. An environment where one can learn from both success and failure. One can follow the path of success and redirect from failure.

I believe that simulations provide this type of environment. A simulation imitates the operations and outcomes of real life processes, systems and decisions. Think of Flight Simulators, the processes, systems and decisions are all very real. If you crash a flight simulator, the consequences to real life are non-existent. The same cannot be said for a real life flight disaster.


And when it comes to the world of business, Cesim’s online business simulations provide a risk free environment where failure is temporary and with the functionality of a reset button we have the opportunity to try again. And this time, however, we have the advantage of experience having learnt from our previous decisions.

At Cesim we provide a range of online Business Simulations. Decisions during the simulation are based on real life business decisions and the consequences of these decisions are available instantly. The big advantage is that these consequences, good or bad, are all part of the learning experience. Participant’s commercial and strategic acumen is developed during an online business simulation. This development leads to enhanced personal performance and improved business results in the real world. If you are serious about improving your performance and that of your business, you should experience a business simulation.

Failure won't kill you but your fear to fail just may keep you from success!

Graeme Kirkup
Senior Vice President
Corporate Solutions
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