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A Day In The Life Of Cesim Business Simulations

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Monday, October 21, 2013 | Reading time: 3 min.

Cesim Business Simulations TeamThis article is in response to a request received from one of our regular readers, Norris Krueger, after an earlier post of ours titled What Would You Like Us To Write About?. Norris is a scholar, speaker, writer, educator (TED_ED Brain Trust) and you can follow him on Twitter at @entrep_thinking.

Have you ever wondered what we get up to each day and how we deliver business simulation games greatness to you and your students? If so, here is an in-depth review of a day in the life of Cesim Business Simulations and what it takes to create high quality educational tools to be used by tens of thousands of students worldwide. 

08.00 - 09.00 AM - Nothing boosts creativity more than a hot cup of coffee in the morning (although some of us have been opting for tea lately). 

09.00 - 12.00 AM - Right after we've fueled up for the day, it is time to start a variety of tasks to add value such as email & phone support for our instructors, listening to feedback that can be implemented as new features in coming releases (at any given time our R&D department is working hard on a number of items requested by our clients) and creating valuable educational content for the website for both prospecting visitors and existing customers. We spend a HUGE amount of time on these activities, because we believe that we can serve you the best by actively getting your input on what works and what doesn't, and producing great materials for you that will directly help you in delivering an unforgettable learning experience. The most commonly used resource we use for this is the blog that you are reading currently, as well as regular introductory and simulation training webinars throughout the year.

12.00 - 12.30 PM - Lunch time! Can't be running on fumes for the rest of the day after all.

12.30 - 16.00 PM - For the afternoon, we resume consulting clients and reaching out to potential prospects all over the world. Our area managers spend a lot of time on the road in France, Brazil, Croatia, the UK, the US, Germany, China and Asia to meet both existing business games customers and new instructors. Educating hundreds or sometimes thousands of students is a job that carries with it serious responsibilities, and we think that a face-to-face meeting can show instructors our commitment to delivering only the best business strategy games solution.

Aside from this, we provide online simulation games to a variety of business student competitions each year, including Peak TimeRush Hour in China (in Chinese) and the Competitive Youth Project in Croatia. Each of these naturally require significant attention from our area managers, but having thousands of students play our simulation games online during these events is a fantastic way for us to gather an enormous about of insight about how participants learn and what can we do to make the experience even better.

While our sales team is busy helping instructors get set up, provide support and help run competitions, the Cesim R&D team is constantly working on powerful new features to improve the usability of our platform and business management games. While we do have a talented in-house development team full of new ideas, we thrive on hearing what YOU have to say about how our products could be improved. This is why we are collecting feedback from within the instructor interface after a course has ended, so if you are an existing client of ours, don't miss out on this chance to let your voice be heard!

16.00 - 17.00 PM - On the last Thursday of every month, we get together to celebrate the achievements of the previous month, discuss current events and raise issues that need to be addressed for the future. Openness is a core value at Cesim, so we love these opportunities to share knowledge and experiences that we can all benefit from. 

17.00 PM - Time to bid farewell and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow!



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