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What Would You Like Cesim Business Simulations To Write About?

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Thursday, July 11, 2013 | Reading time: 1 min.

What would you like to know about business simulation games?In an effort to serve your needs better, dear reader, we are now embarking on a mission to find out what would you like us to write more about in this blog? Be it applications of business simulations in the classroom, the how-to's of running simulation based courses or feature descriptions; let your imagination run wild and let us know in the comments what would YOU love to read about here. 

And don't stop there! You can also suggest the format you'd most enjoy your content being delivered, whether it's a podcast, a webinar, a simple video or blog post. 

We are also looking for ideas for more educational materials you'd like us to develop; how can we help you be better at using business games in your class or training program? What information would enable you to feel like an expert business strategy games instructor? 

Need some inspiration?

Here are some of the topics we've covered so far:

  • Cesim simulation features (quizzes, case management)
  • Events (conferences, student competitions)
  • Customer success stories
  • Which business concepts can you develop with business simulation games
Hope this helped in getting you started and looking forward to all of your ideas.

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Tags: Educator 2.0

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