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Posted by Cesim Finland on Monday, January 16, 2017 | Reading time: 7 min.

Finnish FlagFollowing an exceptional year of Cesim's 20th anniversary celebration, we have arrived at 2017 the 100th year since Finland became independent. As an education technology company with a Finnish soul, we would like to have an extraordinary celebration dedicated to our motherland together with the global education community. Whether you are a Cesim user or not, any educational professional is very welcome to join us. 



Finland 100

On 6 December 1917, Finland became an independent country. After more than four hundred and forty years of Sweden's rule and over a hundred years of the Russian Empire rule, the Finns overcame the long struggle with their courage and determination, leading their country into a new era.

The centennial of Finland's independence commemorates the qualities and values of Finland, such as equality and democracy. At the same time, Finland's centennial celebration theme is "together" (yhdessä in Finnish), with the hope of inviting friends of Finland all over the world to understand and reflect on the history of Finland.

Now, Cesim invites you to join the celebration of 100th anniversary of Finland's independence.


Finland 100 Finland Faces

(Source:, create your own Finland's Faces image here)


Cesim's Finland 100 education technology insights

We would like to honor Finland's 100th year of independence and introduce the international education community to Finland's history and culture through a special celebration activity. This activity invites all educational professionals from around the world to contribute insights on the topic of teaching business courses or conducting business training with simulations or education technologies in any format.

Every quarter, we will feature an insight in our newsletter. If your insight is being featured, we will send you one of the Arabia Finland’s centenary mugs that represent each decade of Finland's independence.


Please pay attention to the following guidelines to ensure that your submission proceeds smoothly:

For Twitter or Facebook mentions, please add @CesimFinland.

For article, blog post, or video submissions, please link to


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Finland 100 mugs

Arabia is one of the oldest kitchenware and tableware design brands in Finland that has become an integral part of Finnish people's daily life. Arabia has launched a limited edition of ten different cups to celebrate the centenary of Finland's independence. The decorative patterns of each mug represent the respective decade following the independence of Finland, with each pattern telling the story of their time. Each mug is stamped with a special seal on the bottom of the cup: "Independent Finland's centenary 2017".

Arabia Finland 100 mugs(All Finland 100 cups' images come from source: Arabia)




Arabia's tableware in the early 20th century were heavily impacted by the Finnish national romanticism, with a variety of simple decorations and elegant designs. These designs were hand-carved on copper printing boards and given male names such as Isak.




Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman 1926

The ceramic artist Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman was considered to be the creator of Arabia's decorative painting design. Her design inspiration came from her years of living in Paris, producing controlled, geometric patterns that reflect 1920s classicism and art deco.




Olga Osol 1937

Artist Olga Osol created Myrna, which she named after the 1930s' American movie superstar Myrna Loy. The Myrna design was rich in gold-plated edge and brought a glimmer of luxury to Arabia's tableware.



Suomen kukka


Suomen Kukka

The flower of Finland (Suomen Kukka) is beautiful, sturdy, but also refined, and unique. Its pure natural beauty reminds the Finns of the modest nature of the Finnish and Nordic people.




Raija Uosikkinen 1954

The most renowned designer of Arabia was Raija Uosikkinen and her most famous design was Hattara (translated cotton candy), winning a gold medal in the United States Sacramento Design Competition in 1961. The designer had an extensive style and knowledge and ability in comprehensive manufacturing and decoration methods, empowering her to create a variety of design patterns with unique appearance.




Esteri Tomula 1965

Esteri Tomula was a productive and mature graphic designer with a detailed and rich design style. Pastoraali (referring to pastoral music) contained human characters surrounded by flora, with the new silk printing technology bringing bright and rich blue color to the design pattern.




Esteri Tomula 1973

Arabia's magnificent daily necessities in the sixties and seventies included several beloved patterns of Esteri Tomula. The Esteri design was the centenary pattern of Arabia and covered with blue decorative flowers.





Howard Smith 1987

American visual artist and designer Howard Smith immigrated to Finland in 1962. Inspired by ancient hieroglyphics, Timbua represented Howard Smith's artistic features, including vibrant colors and clean shapes, especially of those that involved black and white.




Heikki Orvola 1992

Designer Heikki Orvola's inspiration came from music: blues, ballad, and bebop. Bebop is a form of disorderly jazz. The pattern was decorated in gold and represented a luxurious 90s style.




Heini Riitahuhta 2017

Huvila (translated villa) was a floral theme in the unique, demonstrative style of the artist Heini Riitahuhta. Huvila was an exquisite, polished pattern that echoed with the style of the 1920s, while the freehand sketching instilled the modern and craftsman spirit into the design, leading to Finland's centennial celebration of independence. 


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