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Cesim Global Challenge: Inventories and HR are here!

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | Reading time: 1 min.

You have spoken and we have listened. By popular demand, Cesim Global Challenge has now been updated with two great features: Inventories and HR in R&D personnel.

H&R decision was designed to cover the high knowledge employment market, R&D specifically, in which teams need to compete for the talent rather than decide the number of workers they hire at a given market salary in the business strategy game.
Inventories were included to be able to cater for those instructors who prefer inventory instead of flexible manufacturing. In many cases, having inventories can be seen to be more realistic than being able to cut the production volumes.

Cesim Global Challenge


Currently, the production has been flexible and the planned production has been cut down to match to the sales in case the planned production volume was more than the sales. In the fall, a Cesim instructor is able to select the excess production to end up in the inventories.
HR in R&D personnel

Currently, the R&D decisions are budget decisions, how much is invested in dollars.
In the fall, this can be replaced at will, so that decisions are made about R&D personnel recruitment and allocation.


Read more about Cesim Global Challenge, the international business strategy simulation game here.

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