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New Release: Cesim Bank Business Simulation

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Monday, January 21, 2013 | Reading time: 2 min.

Cesim Bank Management SimulationAre you a trainer in the financial industry or an educator teaching the essence of a banking business to your students? Then you will love Cesim Bank, a new addition to our family of business simulations focusing specifically on the workings of a financial institution. 

In the Cesim Bank simulation game, participants will manage the front and back office operations of a bank. They will be responsible for retail and SME clients, lending and borrowing, and customers with deposits, mortgages and investments. 


The decision-making areas of the banking simulator are: 

  • Retail banking: mortgage and consumer loans, demand and fixed term deposits, service fees
  • SME banking: deposits, lending terms, competitive positioning
  • Corporate banking: advisory services
  • Investment services: three customer segments, marketing communications, portfolio management, securities brokerage
  • Investment products: investment funds, partnerships, structured products
  • Personnel: number of personnel, compensation policies, training, HR development
  • Systems: maintenance, development of products, services and processes
  • Risk management: internal policies, external reporting, interest rate risk
  • Treasury: credit and equity markets, solvency regulation, central bank, minimum reserves, treasury investments

Since the bank management simulation game is rather comprehensive, we have implemented a modularity into it that allows you to pick and choose the needed modules for your particular course or training program. This way, regardless of the level of your participants, the banking simulation will always suit your needs accordingly.


So how will your participants benefit from using the Cesim Bank simulation?

They will get a complete and holistic view of the operations of a full-scale bank in a dynamic competitive environment; understand bank specifics like income statement, balance sheet, ratios, regulations, and central bank; learn the key value drivers like financial performance, customer appreciation and loyalty, personnel loyalty, compliance to regulations, and brand image; and have the chance to partake in an unparalleled teamwork simulation and problem solving exercise. 

The simulation is currently available in English, French, Finnish and Hungarian languages.


Do you want to find out more about the Cesim Bank business simulation game? Request a live demo to chat with one of our sales reps about how it would fit into your course or training program.


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