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How To Strategize With Business Simulation Games?

Posted by Cesim Finland on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | Reading time: 6 min.

business simulation games workshopWe held an on-site business simulation game workshop for our French speaking customers in Grenoble, France (26 March, 2012) with a focus on business game teaching strategy and tips. The event was held at the prestigious Grenoble Ecole de Management. Thank you all educational technology and business simulation enthusiasts for coming to our workshop and for contributing to the development of the education community.

If you missed our workshop, feel free to check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

About the Business Simulation Workshop:

Background: To teach strategy (and more generally management sciences), trainers more and more frequently turn to scenarios. Thus, emerged simulations for management - or business simulation games - where experiential learners take on the role of a manager who is being confronted by numerous strategic choices. With the help of business strategy games, (s)he is able to clearly identify the performance of the company as well as the impact of his/her decisions on the bottom line. Beyond the tool itself, the success of the learning experience is based on the organization of the facilitation and the deliveries from the facilitator.

How do we use business games with learners from different disciplines and profiles?

What is the role and profile of a speaker?

This business game workshop aims to compare the use cases of different learner profiles, try out the business simulator games, and share information between professors and expert trainers about this excellent pedagogical tool.

Intended audience: This workshop is part of a train-the-trainers program. It is intended for teachers, program managers or pedagogical consultants interested in methods of management education for specialists (business schools, universities, IAE) or others (school of engineering, design etc...).


  • Understanding the mechanisms of operating business games
  • Discover the pedagogical engineering that you have to create while using business management simulations
  • Exchange information about the different use practices
  • Learning the management of tools to track students
  • Experience the live demo of the international business strategy simulation game
  • Be open to new distant learning methods

Pedagogical tool: Participants will be presented a range of pedagogical simulation games, and will have a hands-on experience with one in particular; Cesim Global Challenge international business strategy game.


Takeaways of the Business Simulation Workshop by Didier Calcei

Didier Calcei using Cesim Business SimulationsDidier Calcei is an Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Groupe ESC Troyes, France. He took part in the Business Simulation Workshop organized by Grenoble Ecole de Management and Cesim Business Simulations

In the following interview, he recounts his experiences with business simulator games and the workshop itself.


1. What is your experience with business simulations?

In 2010, Groupe ESC Troyes en Champagne decided to introduce a simulation in the Master program. I attended a training program in simulation games organized by the FNEGE, which was an introduction to the different kinds of business games and on how to teach with them. It was a great experience. 

Free Download Cesim Global Challenge Guide BookAmong several simulations, I picked up Cesim Global Challenge international business strategy simulation game. There are three main reasons for this choice. First, I wanted a business game that covers the different fields of management, finance, human resources and entrepreneurship. Cesim business strategy game was the solution that matched the most with my needs. The second reason is that Global Challenge is an online educational tool, which makes it more convenient than using a physical one. Furthermore, since most students are technology enthusiast, online business simulation games are a good tool for a better learning experience. Students can use the business strategy games at school, at home, on their laptops, on their tablets, or on their smartphones. The last reason is the sector covered by Global Challenge; the mobile phone industry.

As I am teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Groupe ESC Troyes en Champagne and my current research papers are focused on the smartphone sector, there is a virtuous circle between my research and what I am teaching. Since 2010-2011, the team of professors I am leading have already used Global Challenge four times. In 2012-2013, we will also use Cesim Hospitality for the Tourism, Travel and Leisure Management program. 


Created on 04/12/12 at 14:56:092. What was your reason for partaking in the workshop?

My main reason for partaking in the workshop was to meet other business simulators instructors in order to learn how they are using these tools in their school or university. Meeting professors and/or instructors is the best way to improve knowledge about the use of business simulation games. It’s also a good way to share best practices.  


3. What were three key takeaways for you from the workshop?

The first takeaway from the workshop was to meet people who are teaching with simulation games. It’s the first step to be part of a network of French instructors from different schools and universities. The second takeaway was to learn more about the business strategy game I am using, Cesim Global Challenge. The third takeaway was to meet the Cesim team and to talk to them about the current features and the additional features they will add to the international business game. 


Want to find out more about how the Cesim business simulations experience is like? Watch our expert interviews >>>>


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