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Cesim Business Games iPad Compatibility and What It Means For You

Posted by Zsuzsa Jakab on Monday, October 24, 2011 | Reading time: 2 min.

Cesim business simulations iPad compatibilityAs of 12.10.2011, Cesim business simulation games have taken a leap forward and become compatible with Apple iPads, as well as any other flash-less devices, by introducing 100% flash-free charts and graphs. Previously, all charts were utilizing flash, but have now been brought up to modern technological standards through the use of HTML5 technology. Currently, Cesim Global Challenge and Cesim SimBrand simulations are 100% compatible.

Cesim OnService
and Cesim Hospitality have a few gauge charts that are not yet supported in HTML5, thus making flash-less devices unable to generate them. The required support is expected to be added during the remainder of 2011.


That's great, but what does this mean for me?

As with any new features we implement, we want to make sure that it provides a real benefit for you. So here's why you should rejoice about the iPad compatibility:


1. Your course has just become even more accessible

Whether you are running your simulation based courses in an online, blended or classroom learning format, your students will appreciate the freedom from tabletop or laptop computers. Now they will be able to play business strategy games on-the-go on a lighter device than a laptop, without sacrificing the screen-size and visual experience.

2. You can demonstrate simulation games anywhere

Although not a requirement to get started, many of our instructors feel it is valuable to demonstrate business simulator games to their students in a computer room at the beginning of their course. With the iPad compatibility, however, this won't have to be tied to a specific location anymore, and you may plug-and-show Cesim business games to your audience in any available space. All you need is an iPad projector and a surface to display the presentation on (which can be almost any surface).

We are very excited about this new feature, and would love to hear your comments about how are you utilizing iPads in your simulation-based courses currently. Or if you aren't, will you consider doing so in the future?


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