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What our customers say

Sally Chan"These MBA students came from a diversity of backgrounds from banking, IT, engineering to health. It was important for them all to see how they could apply the key concepts in the marketing module to a simulated business environment. We wanted to bring a new dimension to the subject of marketing and I think we’ve certainly achieved that."
- Sally Chan, Module Leader (University of Leeds, UK)

Loïc Plé"Our students really enjoy CESIM’s simulations, because beyond the examples that they learn in their courses, and even beyond the case studies that they work on, it actually gives them the opportunity to practice strategy. They are enthusiastic about managing their own company and competing with others. They like the online interface that is put at their disposal."
- Dr. Loïc Plé, Assistant Professor in Management, Head of the New Educational Technologies division (IESEG, France)


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