Partner Testimonials


At Cesim we put a great value on teamwork, both within our organization and across borders, so we are extremely happy to have found enthusiastic simulation experts all over the world to partner with us.


Win to Win

About the Company

WinToWin Partners is a resources consultancy firm located in Barcelona, Spain. Our mission is to help our clients to find business solutions that enable them to better manage their resources and results. There are three business units in WinToWin: resources consultancy, training for managers and staff based on business simulations and coaching.
Our value is the people who make the team, who have extensive professional experience in transformation processes of medium and large companies.

Partner Experience

David Palet Martín"WinToWin is partner of Cesim in Spain since march 2009. It has been a very good and profitable experience for both, Cesim and WinToWin, not only in economic terms but also in professional terms. We have a very fluent communication with Cesim and thanks to this we can translate quickly the needs of our corporate clients in order to improve business simulations. We analyze together market and business opportunities trying to develop new ideas that will become new products." - David Palet Martín, Managing Partner of WinToWin Partners




Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Partner Experience

Roman Demyanets"The world's experience shows that educational institutions are major leaders of a country's innovation development. One of their main target is a preparation of innovation-driven personnel. Modern educational technologies help to train creative youth, active businessmen and high-qualified specialists for needs of economics clusters, that determine innovation development.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University successfully uses Cesim business simulations for several years in such educational programs as: administrative reserve personnel, presidential program and trainings for students of economic specialties. Application of Cesim business simulation games and new active ways of learning gives students a new approach to get great practice in business skills, and for educational organizations to raise the quality of educational programs." - Roman Demyanets, Head of the Innovation Department of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University




About the Company

Idria is Australia’s leading expert in simulation design, training and development. We bring life to learning through high energy, interactive and tailored business development training solutions ranging from sophisticated immersive learning simulations (ILS) to some of the world's most engaging and practical e-Learning and classroom experiences.

Using the latest and most effective concepts, practices and learning technology, we provide our clients with creative solutions that bring continuous individual and organisational learning and improvement, as well as concrete and measurable behavioural change.

KristiAbbottPartner Experience

"Idria, previously Abbott Training Systems, has worked with Cesim since 2001 embedding their world class business simulations in our training programs.  It has been an extremely successful partnership and we have found Cesim not only to be on the leading edge with their product range, but also very service focussed, continually meeting our needs and those of our clients.  Throughout the years Cesim has been very flexible and adaptable –always  listening to new ideas as well as taking on board challenging requests.
Working closely with the Cesim team we have tailored business simulations specifically for clients and various industries." - Kristi Abbott, General Manager of Idria



Apollo Edtech

louisLouis Havriliuc, Cesim partner for Romania and South-East Europe:

"As a small business owner and an e-learning practitioner I am constantly open to new ways to help individuals achieve superior learning experiences over the internet while securing healthy cash-flow. Being a Cesim partner for almost two years I can confirm that the Cesim Partner opportunity is a great way to scale up your internet/e-learning business no matter where in the world your target market is located. The overall quality of the solution in terms of usability and user experience has allowed us to reach number one spot in Romania when it comes to total number of users for any type of online business simulation in this time span.

The relationship is as simple as it is efficient: you make most of your local market knowledge and handle sales & support for your users while Cesim promises continuous innovation in development and a quality online learning experience. A win-win situation which sees the ecosystem grow constantly. Another advantage is that you do not need to invest in expensive capabilities such as technology development and maintenance. You are also left with the freedom to pursue ongoing activities which you might currently have while central marketing efforts can bring new clients your way without you moving a finger.

If you  appreciate the new dimension your company can enter as brand ambassador for a world-class serious games platform and you wish to work with smart people such as University Professors then this is an opportunity not to be missed."


Below are some tips for partners just starting out. These may apply better to Eastern European Markets than to other regions:

  • Translate the simulation platform to your language (Cesim platform is currently available in more than 10 locales so check first)
  • When selling to Universities try and reach out to young professors – they are the ones passionate about new learning tools
  • Be patient and continue to follow up on prospects. Sales cycles tend to be longer when dealing with public institutions such as Universities
  • Promote your services online through blogs and websites. This is still a rather niche domain and you can get visibility easily.
  • In some cases face to face meetings can yield better results in explaining the benefits of using business simulations than webinars and online demos
  • Seek out those who have had previous experiences with simulation games. Most likely they will be interested in trying out a new approach
  • Keep in mind the fact that technology is only but a means for people to get things done. People appreciate help from others when dealing with new tools so be quick to offer quality support if needed.


Market Quick Stats:

  • Business simulations (or Simulare de afaceri in Romanian) are rather new tools in the local training and educational settings
  • Cesim Business Simulations are being used in more than 10 Universities across Romania
  • Student satisfaction is almost always above the 90% level after completing a simulation course
  • First course ever ran: June 2010 -  University Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iași.
  • Most popular simulation: Global Challenge – the International Business Management Simulation